Help save the historic clipper ship City of Adelaide and preserve the ship for future generations!

We need your help to raise £2,000,000. Please support the return of the City of Adelaide to Sunderland.

Adelaide shipmates

25th November 2011

Here are five of your Adelaide shipmates.  They all look pretty relaxed, even serene, except the man holding the Red Duster.  Above my head is a clock which tells me we’re already 15 minutes late for the big parade; but these lads who have been bombed and shot at and mined in the Falklands, the Gulf, Bosnia and Sierra Leone are not going to get stressed out because of a Remembrance Sunday parade.  They are happy to fly the Ensign and to try to keep in step, but they also want a good run ashore ..  We had a great day and a great night, and we’re all signed up to save the Clipper; Adelaide has brought us together, as I hope she will heal some wounds in this town and bring Sunderland closer together ..


carrick arriving on cly 1949